Presentation Design

Our custom PowerPoint design team will work with you to create the perfect presentation for your needs. We turn your content into engaging visuals that help tell your story.

Capital Pitch Deck

This investment pitch deck was designed to be simple yet professional and credible.

Software Demo

PowerPoint can be used to create a unique software demo presentation that showcases a program or app’s features — even before it’s been built.

RIoT 2020 [slide 8] - partnership deck

Partnership Presentation

This presentation incorporates a tracker that breaks down the various partnership levels to make it easier for the viewer to digest.

Swoon sample agency capabilities deck

Agency Capabilities Presentation

A complete redesign of a company’s capabilities presentation to bring it in line with current branding.

Investor Sample

Using beautiful images supplied by the client, we created a corporate, professional-looking template and designed this investor presentation.

Data Deck [slide 4] data presentation design

Data Presentation

Upleveling of dense data into appealing visuals that help the viewer understand the key takeaways.

capabilities presentation

Capabilities Presentation

We worked with this client to create a functional template that could be used over and over for both internal and external presentations. We then designed their key capabilities presentation to bring a complex offering to life.

LifeTime_Deck [slide 11] discovery presentation

Discovery Meeting Presentation

Pairing cohesive imagery with a consistent icon set upleveled this design and gave the content more credibility.

BalletBC [slide 36] digital marketing presentation

Strategic Plan Presentation

Color isn’t always needed to make content stand out. This approach proves that simple shapes and clean lines can help organize content to create a polished, professional look.

Lorem Hemp JV Sample [slide 4] pitch deck design service

Joint Venture Pitch Deck

This pitch deck incorporates maps with detailed callouts as well as a tracker system that helps the viewer note where they are in the presentation.