Hi, nice to meet you.

We are creative, friendly, fun people dedicated to producing designs that make you look like a rockstar. We love what we do!

We are passionate about presentations, information visualization, and plants (OK, we know plants have nothing to do with the first two, but seriously, we love them all from monsteras to succulents). We spend our days guzzling coffee, discussing memes, and devising ways to be more efficient so we can focus on the fun stuff in life.

What makes Ruby + Citrine different from other creative agencies? We offer a new, fresh perspective for your brand.

Our collective experiences at agencies provided us with opportunities to work across many industries, so we’ve seen A LOT. We come up with creative solutions for your communication needs using programs you likely already have on your computer and you’re somewhat familiar with, which makes quick edits a real breeze.


We live and breathe presentations.
(Figuratively, of course.)

Anyone can use PowerPoint, but it takes knowing the intricacies of the program to wield this tool well! We are fast, reliable, and technically advanced – we work in presentation software EVERY. FREAKIN’. DAY. so we know these programs inside and out.

And, not all design is the same. Designing for digital (think: big screens, motion, interactivity) can be wildly different from designing for print (think: smaller fonts, static content that has to withstand the test of time). Presentations (and other tools/resources built in presentation software) are like living documents. They can be changed on the fly (trust us – we’ve changed content as late as when a presenter was actually on stage presenting!).

How we work together.

  • 1 Give us the details. Send us a rough draft (slides, pictures of a bunch of sticky notes, a Word or Google doc, a wine-stained napkin with a cryptic sketch – anything!), or schedule a call for a comprehensive discussion about what you want to accomplish.
  • 2 We share ideas for the best approach and get your buy-in. We believe form follows function. Obviously you want something stunning, but it’s not going to help solve a problem if we don’t start by figuring out what kind of deliverable will be the best solution. After all, a beautiful red Lamborghini with a busted transmission still won’t get you from Point A to Point B.
  • 3 Take back your time... leave the work to us! You focus on other things that are important to you and your business while we work our magic.
  • 4 We share something awesome, gather your feedback, and revise until you get a true gem of a deliverable. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

Meet the team.

Co-Founder + CEO

Co-Founder + COO

+ Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator
+ Senior Designer

Art Director

Production Manager

Design Coordinator

Graphic Designer

Presentation Specialist

Executive Assistant
+ Social Media Manager