The Office Supply Inventory List for New Businesses

Functional, inspirational and on-brand items for your biz’s office space

There are many sides to starting your own business. Today, we’re focusing on the fun-to-us side and talking about furnishing and filling your new office space with workplace essentials!

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about shopping for your office that makes owning a business feel real. You can set up your EIN, open a business bank account and even hire an accountant, but there’s not much more fun than purchasing school office supplies! Amiright?!

Behold! The Official Ruby + Citrine Office Supply Inventory List for New Businesses (and businesses looking for a makeover)!

As you scroll, you’ll find office furniture, décor and more with shoppable links and descriptions to help you set up an office that works for you.

This blog contains affiliate links to products we love. When you purchase one of the items listed below, we receive a tiny commission.

For your brand

The best designs are all about the details. This goes for your office design, too! Take a look at a couple of décor items that have helped us stay on brand.

Desk Pad

Of course, you need a desk for your office — but have you thought about adding an on-brand desk pad to your workstation?

This waterproof leather desk pad serves more than a visual purpose. It’s an all-in-one solution for a mouse pad, scratch protector, and coaster for the portion of your office where you spend the most time.

Spill your coffee for the second time in one day? No problem, give it a quick wipe down, and you’re good to go!

Choose the size that will fit your desk and the color that matches your brand and get to work!

Rug Tiles

Get ready to be obsessed! These rug tiles allow you to bring a brand element into your space that’s otherwise overlooked. Plus, your neighbors, clients and guests will thank you for their noise-cancelling superpowers. We especially love these as we work in a co-working space with lots of beautiful windows and glass, which don’t absorb any sound!

For your comfort

As a business owner, you’ll be spending far more time in your office than your old 9-5. While you’re there, you deserve to be comfortable. Here are a few our comfort necessities.

Butt Cushion

Fine, get the aesthetically pleasing chair, but add this seat cushion. It will quite literally save your butt (and spine) when you’re spending long days and nights staring at your computer screen. We would know. We’re designers who offer on-site presentation operations, remember?

Personal Heater

Remember the days of working in an always-frigid workplace whether it was 20 or 120 degrees outside? Yeah, no more. Ditch the dedicated office blanket for a personal heater! Of course, if you wanted to you could keep that, too. It’s your office.

Personal Fan

Whether we’re powering up our personal fans to stay cool or to keep the airflow moving, we’ve found that having personal fans is super helpful when your office has large windows that let in the summer heat. And, honestly, we’re not against the white noise either.

For your tasks

This isn’t your previous cubicle. You get to personalize it and make it useful for YOUR needs. (You’re the freaking boss now!) Explore a few items that keep us on task at Ruby + Citrine:

Computer Workstation/Office Desk

Looking for a clean and simple desk that doesn’t break the bank? This writer’s desk provides the perfect space to pull up a chair (to either side) and put in a good day’s work.

Its sturdy, contemporary design makes it a great desk option for new businesses. You’ll be able to set it up quickly and easily. Plus, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be thankful for its lightweight materials when you decide multiple times that you’ve figured out the BEST way to layout your already perfectly acceptable floor plan. 

Baby Gate

We know what you’re thinking. “Why the heck would you need a baby gate in an office?” Well, it’s all about zoning.

Want to divide spaces without shutting them off from the rest of your workspace? You need an office baby gate. This is especially useful if, like us, you rent an office inside a coworking space. We love to leave our door open to keep an ear out for clients and keep the airflow moving, but we still need some way to communicate to passersby that we’re in work mode. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Of course, if you’re starting your business from your home, this less-baby/more-adult looking baby gate would be great for sectioning off your work space from your child’s play area or even your rowdy pets!

Coat Rack

If you don’t have a coat rack, your coats, purses, backpacks — everything will end up on the back of your chair or tangled beneath your rolling chair. Are there other solutions, like wall-mounted hangers or built-ins? Sure, but this is the most cost-efficient and portable solution we’ve found to date. Plus, it totally suits the office vibe!

Hopefully, this office supply inventory list gets you one step closer to living your dreams, growing your business, and making big industry moves!


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