Behind the Scenes: The Crucial Work of Graphics Operators in Managing Live Event Challenges

Backstage view of three graphics computers

Live events, whether they are conferences, concerts, or corporate presentations, often appear seamless and polished to the audience. However, behind the curtain, a team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly. Among these unsung heroes are experienced graphics operators, whose crucial role in managing live event challenges often goes unnoticed. Let’s delve into…

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5 Innovative North Carolina Businesses Changing the Healthcare Landscape

Throughout North Carolina, there are many businesses working to change the healthcare landscape. From providing new and innovative treatments to patients to developing new ways to improve care delivery, these companies are making a difference in people’s lives across the state and worldwide. Of many, here are five businesses in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park…

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How to Use Stock Images Effectively

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Stock Images that Fit Your Brand Using stock images is a great way to affordably extend the life of your brand photography. However, finding stock images that fit your brand can be tricky and time-consuming.  If you’re considering using stock photography to market your business, then we want to…

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From PowerPoint to Video in a Few Easy Steps

PowerPoint to Video

Learn How to Make PowerPoint Videos from Your Business Presentations Wait, PowerPoint creates presentation slides, not animated videos, right?! Well, that’s half true. Microsoft PowerPoint can be a powerful video-making tool, and you don’t need a special PowerPoint video converter to make it happen either. Today, we’re going to walk you through how to make…

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Would You Be More Productive with Blog Post

How Monday Helps Make Ruby + Citrine a More Organized, Efficient Presentation Design Agency What is is a Work Operating System designed for teams to manage projects, track progress, and keep everyone on the same page. Monday allows teams to maximize their productivity, shape workflows, create transparency, connect collaboratively, and distribute responsibility.  It…

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Becoming a Freelancer: The Prep Work

How to leave your 9-5 & become your own boss You’ve got dreams of creating more freedom in your schedule and taking ownership of your professional career, and we’ve got advice to get you started on the right path toward freelancing.  We’re talking about when to leave your 9-5, how to leave, and what you…

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The Office Supply Inventory List for New Businesses

Comfortable Co-working Space.

Functional, inspirational and on-brand items for your biz’s office space There are many sides to starting your own business. Today, we’re focusing on the fun-to-us side and talking about furnishing and filling your new office space with workplace essentials! I don’t know about you, but there’s something about shopping for your office that makes owning…

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7 Tips for Starting a New Business

What We Learned While Establishing Ruby + Citrine Aspiring business owners: This advice is for you!  First off, starting a business is going to be overwhelming, but if you hold on and get a good grip on the reins, the rewards are worth it!  Here are 7 big lessons we’ve learned after one year as…

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