Would You Be More Productive with Monday.com?

How Monday Helps Make Ruby + Citrine a More Organized, Efficient Presentation Design Agency

Monday.com home page
Monday.com home page

What is Monday.com?

Monday.com is a Work Operating System designed for teams to manage projects, track progress, and keep everyone on the same page. Monday allows teams to maximize their productivity, shape workflows, create transparency, connect collaboratively, and distribute responsibility. 

It allows projects, prior, active, and upcoming, to be pipelined, tracked and archived all in one space. It simultaneously promotes independent work while cultivating leadership and ownership of projects. 

Creating and managing workflows can become overwhelming. Monday helps streamline processes for Project Managers, saving time and maximizing productivity. (Anything to maintain your sanity in the middle of the busy season, right?) 

How Monday helps us

In an industry that thrives on details and quick turnarounds, having a record of project scope and expectations is vital for success. Monday allows for the project manager to add all key information to a job in one location. 

All instructions can be added as an update to the job itself, which aids in eliminating mistakes and miscommunication, and cultivates collaboration within projects. This helps eliminate wasted time by keeping all relevant information up to date for all parties involved. 

Monday.com project board example
Monday.com project board example

Monday for teams

Another feature of Monday that is beneficial to project managers and administrators is the ability to select an owner for each project. Workload and responsibilities can be easily viewed by sorting boards to view each employee’s active projects. Employees have a clear view of their responsibilities and managers can easily distribute and balance the workload among staff. 

A designer’s job is to create the most effective visual solution for the client to communicate clearly. The goal is always to help make the client’s job easier by designing in a way that removes the need for multiple edits and revisions to a product. Monday and its organization is a huge key to achieving this success. 

When a job is received, all relevant information can be attached to the job within Monday, creating a design brief that is easy to find, understand, and reference throughout the project. 

Monday also allows for Google Drive integration and easy file management. All files added and actions taken will be tracked in the activity log for each project, making it easy to reference if questions arise about job progress, revisions, project handling, and time spent.

  • Designate project ownership
  • Organize project files
  • Balance employee workloads
  • Share design briefs 
  • Integrate Google Drive
  • Track activity and time
Monday.com analytics example
Monday.com analytics example

Workplace efficiency

Monday is the ultimate “work smarter not harder” tool for any team, regardless of workload or team size. It is entirely customizable for anyone working on the site. 

Boards can be added for internal and external project tracking. Clients can be granted access to boards so that all project tracking and feedback can be tracked in real time, within a cohesive workspace. 

Once a board is created, only relevant persons can be invited to collaborate and view projects included, eliminating unnecessary clutter for clients or employees who aren’t involved. Color coding can be integrated into the job status to keep all persons updated on progress of the project. 

Once added, boards can be filtered to view by due date, client, owner, or job status (e.g. on hold, ready to start, working, edits needed, out to client). Notifications are customizable as well, so that project updates and statuses don’t fall through the cracks. 

Monday.com compared to competitors 

In our experience, Monday is an affordable work OS. The Pro version, which includes automations, integrations, time tracking and more, costs $16 per user per month. Here’s how that compares to other project management software.

Monthly prices per user for various project management software
Monthly prices per user for various project management software

What others are saying about Monday.com 

We’re not the only ones who recognize Monday.com as a leader in the work OS world. The Digital Project Manager listed it as the “best communication tool for project management” in an article they shared in February of 2021. 

Want another opinion? Cloudwards has a great video that walks you through Monday.com thoroughly and honestly. And, of course, if you have any questions about Monday.com, feel free to ask us at Ruby + Citrine. 

Why we recommend Monday.com

In short, Monday.com is vital in establishing and maintaining successful workflows. When harnessed to its full potential, productivity and client satisfaction can be a consistent part of your everyday business. 

Monday.com cultivates organization, independence, transparency, and collaboration even for teams that are fully remote. No job is too big when you have the right tools in hand, and Monday.com is one of the best.  

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