Meet Stephanie.

Stephanie Matos | Executive Assistant + Social Media Manager

As Ruby + Citrine’s executive assistant and go-to project manager, Stephanie Matos puts her background in culinary arts, property management, and event planning to work by keeping the team organized and on track. (If you’ve ever cooked a full-out Thanksgiving dinner, then you understand how on top of things Stephanie is all year long!)

In the office, Stephanie is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have a first-class experience. For her, it’s all about enjoying the variety of projects that grace her desk daily while working for a women-owned business.

At home, Stephanie switches her focus to being the best boy-mom she can be – all the while, finding opportunities to squeeze in time to cook, bake, craft, flex her interior design skills, and volunteer in her community.

In both spaces, Stephanie communicates in southern, New Yorker, and Spanish.


Fun facts about Stephanie.

What she
runs on

What Stephanie Runs On
Herbal teas, essential oils and weekly – if not daily – Epsom salt baths.

Stephanie's Guilty Pleasures
Meomi cabernet + chocolate truffles.
Most memorable

Stephanie's Most Memorable Read
"The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Stephanie's Favorite Smell
Lavender + rose.
Favorite fictional

Stephanie's Favorite Character
Phoebe Buffay.

Stephanie's Birthstone

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